Welcome to my little world of dreams. . . Everyone of us have experienced the beauty of dreams atleast once in our lifetime.. Often amazing, still amusing, it remains the best part of our lives.. Some dreams may be beautiful.. Some may be horrible.. Some may come true.. Some get shattered.. However, there is no doubt that dreams are the amazing truths of our short lives..!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Epidemic

Nov. 19, 2009 :

       It is midnight. I am all alone in the isolation room in my hostel.  I'm a little tensed.., a little nervous too.. and of course, severely ill.. All my thoughts are about my exams. Already missed two due to illness, don't want to miss one more. Fever started last week and there was mild cough too. As it wasn't relieved on medication, doctor asked to shift me into isolation room in the hostel, being a H1N1 suspect.  They dump all those with similar features of the epidemic into the isolation room as a precaution to prevent the transmission of the disease. H1N1 is considered dangerous because it can be transmitted from person to person even through fomites ( inanimate objects which patients use).
          Isolation room is a spacious room, which is meant for students of the  junior most batch. As they are on vacation, it's now converted to the isolation room. The bags, dresses, and all

Monday, November 15, 2010

Labour Room Days

One month labour room posting. The toughest period in the life of a MBBS student. Busy days and sleepless nights. However, it is considered to be the best posting during  4.5 years of MBBS course. Just as one of my senior told, it is the time, when medicos feel themselves to be doctors. And of course, it is the time, when we recognize the amazing creativity of THE LORD.
        Just like every other posting, our labour room posting too started after a series of instructions and firings. Patients were a few compared to previous months. Many say"It's not the season..!" Once our medical college was the place which held the record for the maximum deliveries conducted in Asia. Whether our people have improved or not, the situation has changed now.