Welcome to my little world of dreams. . . Everyone of us have experienced the beauty of dreams atleast once in our lifetime.. Often amazing, still amusing, it remains the best part of our lives.. Some dreams may be beautiful.. Some may be horrible.. Some may come true.. Some get shattered.. However, there is no doubt that dreams are the amazing truths of our short lives..!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today I saw many of my friends posting pictures of their mothers on facebook.. and few others posting wishes for their mothers.. So me too thought of sharing a pic of my mom.. I searched for half an hour.. But I couldn't find even a single photo of her with me.. So I thought of sharing about something which I have gifted to her.. But I couldn't find any such thing.. Then I thought of writing about my best moments with mom.. but I couldn't recollect any moment in which I made her happy.. But I remember just one incident.. My mother has studied only up to 6th std.. she don't know English well.. She cannot even write her name properly.. But on my last birthday, she called me and some how managed to say "Happy Birthday".. I just loved that moment.. not for the wishes.. but the way she tried to make me happy each n every moment.. love you mom.. :-)

Saturday, April 13, 2013


During my 1st yr, many seniors used to rag us.. Among them, there was one tough guy whom we hated most.. I even had a fight with him.. We hated him so much that we were very happy when his leg was fractured once in an accident..

Years gone.. 4th yr exams came .. in the exam hall, while we all were waiting for mcq pattern questions , there came the question paper with essays alone.. all we c
ould do was to stare at the question paper as we weren't prepared for such a paper.. At that moment, this guy(intern then) was there among the invigilators... I never expected him to help me.. But, without hesitation, he came near me... He helped me to answer almost all the questions in that paper.. But I couldn't even thank him after the exams..

Years later.. when he joined as junior resident in our college itself, he came and talked to me.. I couldn't believe with my eyes.. I had never seen him smiling before.. And when I worked under him as intern, he was so kind to me.. At that moment, I realized that,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Live your life

How can I take food from luxury hotels when millions of people don't have anything to eat even for single time a day ?

How can I wear branded dresses when millions of people don't have a cloth to change ?

How can I spend money for movies & parties when millions of people are working hard to feed their children at least for one time ?

How can I cry for an iphone when a mobile is still a dream for many ?

How can I go for a picnic when millions are trying hard to survive ?

Of course we youth are concerned only about our lives.. we are not seeing others sufferings.. we are not hearing others cries.. But we must know, money will spoil us in million ways.. and empty pockets teach us in million ways..

We can't say we are happy when billions of people don't know what happiness is..!!
So act before its too late..
Live simply, love sincerely..
Help others without expecting anything in return.

At last before you die, you can say "I have lived my life and I loved it..!!"

To All My Seniors :-)

In future, a day may come when you walk through the large gate of our College.. Walking through the lonely way covered with dry leaves, where SMILES WERE SHARED, LOVE WAS MADE, HEARTS WERE BROKEN & TEARS WERE SPILLED... When you step into your old classroom, only memories will be there with you.. You may see yourself on every bench, laughing and murmuring with your friends.. Then you will realize that, years ago "MY HEAVEN WAS HERE" and those good days will never come back again.. You may remember some of your friends at that moment and drop a TEAR for them.. THAT'S LIFE..!!!!!!!

This one is dedicated to all my SENIORS..

Of course you people were one of our greatest blessings during the college life.. You were always there for us to help whatever the situation may be.. With a SUPPORT when we were down.. with an ADVICE when we lost hope.. with a consoling SMILE when we were upset.. You came for help  when we were struggling hard in the wards being the beginners.. You corrected our faults.. appreciated our success through out the way.. We felt great of you when your advices proved to be worthy after each and every exam.. You taught us how to cope up with the situation and how to keep going on.. You showed us what the college life is all about..!!!!!!!

Thank you seniors for all your support, care and smiles you have shared.. Have a great future ahead.. :-):-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Loving Sister

It was during my first year MBBS university examinations.  As far as we medicos are concerned, it is a horrible situation to face . I was struggling hard with my textbooks on the previous day of physiology 2nd paper exam . I wasn't that much tensed, as my first paper was somewhat OK.
            It was around 8 pm when I got a call from my home. It was my mother at the other end. I could sense something unusual in her voice. Of course she was crying. She informed me that my sister was admitted in the hospital in a critical stage and I need to be back at home..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Epidemic

Nov. 19, 2009 :

       It is midnight. I am all alone in the isolation room in my hostel.  I'm a little tensed.., a little nervous too.. and of course, severely ill.. All my thoughts are about my exams. Already missed two due to illness, don't want to miss one more. Fever started last week and there was mild cough too. As it wasn't relieved on medication, doctor asked to shift me into isolation room in the hostel, being a H1N1 suspect.  They dump all those with similar features of the epidemic into the isolation room as a precaution to prevent the transmission of the disease. H1N1 is considered dangerous because it can be transmitted from person to person even through fomites ( inanimate objects which patients use).
          Isolation room is a spacious room, which is meant for students of the  junior most batch. As they are on vacation, it's now converted to the isolation room. The bags, dresses, and all

Monday, November 15, 2010

Labour Room Days

One month labour room posting. The toughest period in the life of a MBBS student. Busy days and sleepless nights. However, it is considered to be the best posting during  4.5 years of MBBS course. Just as one of my senior told, it is the time, when medicos feel themselves to be doctors. And of course, it is the time, when we recognize the amazing creativity of THE LORD.
        Just like every other posting, our labour room posting too started after a series of instructions and firings. Patients were a few compared to previous months. Many say"It's not the season..!" Once our medical college was the place which held the record for the maximum deliveries conducted in Asia. Whether our people have improved or not, the situation has changed now.