Welcome to my little world of dreams. . . Everyone of us have experienced the beauty of dreams atleast once in our lifetime.. Often amazing, still amusing, it remains the best part of our lives.. Some dreams may be beautiful.. Some may be horrible.. Some may come true.. Some get shattered.. However, there is no doubt that dreams are the amazing truths of our short lives..!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Loving Sister

It was during my first year MBBS university examinations.  As far as we medicos are concerned, it is a horrible situation to face . I was struggling hard with my textbooks on the previous day of physiology 2nd paper exam . I wasn't that much tensed, as my first paper was somewhat OK.
            It was around 8 pm when I got a call from my home. It was my mother at the other end. I could sense something unusual in her voice. Of course she was crying. She informed me that my sister was admitted in the hospital in a critical stage and I need to be back at home..