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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Loving Sister

It was during my first year MBBS university examinations.  As far as we medicos are concerned, it is a horrible situation to face . I was struggling hard with my textbooks on the previous day of physiology 2nd paper exam . I wasn't that much tensed, as my first paper was somewhat OK.
            It was around 8 pm when I got a call from my home. It was my mother at the other end. I could sense something unusual in her voice. Of course she was crying. She informed me that my sister was admitted in the hospital in a critical stage and I need to be back at home..

She was in the 6th month of her pregnancy. It was her first pregnancy, that too after a long five years after marriage. She wasn't lucky enough to be a mother. She slipped down in the bathroom on the previous day and it was an accidental abortion.
            Though, she was my cousin sister, she held the place of my own sister. She was the one who wished a lot, to see me as a doctor, even more than my parents. She was there with me to the examination centers when I wrote the pre-medical entrance examination. All throughout her life, she was struggling with diseases. I couldn't control my tears after receiving the call.
         It was a tough situation for me to take a decision. Whether I have to go back home to meet my sister in critical stage neglecting my exams or to stay there at hostel to prepare for the exam. I just decided to wait for another call informing that she is better.
              At around 9.30pm, I received a call from abroad. It was my father. He asked me to go home. I explained my situation to him. At last he had to tell the truth that she had already gone..! Bleeding following abortion had led to shock..!  My mother was of course hiding her death from me because she knows that I can't bear it..
                  I remained stunned for a moment. I didn't knew what to do. I couldn't hide my tears from my friends. I soon got out of my room to wash my face. I decided to go home. My friends came for the help. One got my bag packed. Another one arranged a bike to get me to the town, as it was already 11 pm.  
           He took me to the bus stand. I got into the bus after thanking my friend. I took the side seat to avoid others noticing me. I hide my face with kerchief as the man sitting next was staring at me. Probably he must have seen me crying. I reached the place at 2.30. There was still 5 kms to my brother-in-law's house, where her body is kept. There was no vehicle in the route. I had no idea how to reach the place. I stood in front of a petrol pump. I thought someone will come over there to pick up. 
                About 15 minutes later, I saw a white Qualis taking a turn to the petrol pump. I was lucky. It was my relative. He picked up me to the place.
           I reached there at 3 am. I saw my mother, brothers and other relatives standing in the front of the house. I could feel a huge fire inside their hearts getting ready to burst. I had no words to console them. One of my elder cousin sisters took my hand. I noticed eyes were after crying. She just asked me how I reached there.
                    I entered the house. I saw my grandmother sitting in the front of a room. She hugged me. She took me to the room where my sister's body is kept. She was bold enough to manage the situation herself even in her 80's.  
                When I reached the room, I saw my sister's body wrapped in a white cloth. I could see her face which was still beautiful as a full moon. I saw her image, fading in front of  me, as my eyes were filled with tears. I was crying through out the day. 
               Her younger sister was back from abroad. She reached there about noon. She got out the vehicle. She was supported by one each on either side. She was tired, half conscious.  They took her inside the room. I saw her crying aloud in front of the body. 
            Her body was buried in the mosque at our own place, so that we could visit her frequently. I left my home in that evening with the memories of my loving sister..
                         MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE. . .



  1. enthu parayanamennariyilla, pakshe ithu vaayichu theernnappol kannukal eerananjirikkunnu.........

  2. Heart touching....every untimely death makes us speechless....