Welcome to my little world of dreams. . . Everyone of us have experienced the beauty of dreams atleast once in our lifetime.. Often amazing, still amusing, it remains the best part of our lives.. Some dreams may be beautiful.. Some may be horrible.. Some may come true.. Some get shattered.. However, there is no doubt that dreams are the amazing truths of our short lives..!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today I saw many of my friends posting pictures of their mothers on facebook.. and few others posting wishes for their mothers.. So me too thought of sharing a pic of my mom.. I searched for half an hour.. But I couldn't find even a single photo of her with me.. So I thought of sharing about something which I have gifted to her.. But I couldn't find any such thing.. Then I thought of writing about my best moments with mom.. but I couldn't recollect any moment in which I made her happy.. But I remember just one incident.. My mother has studied only up to 6th std.. she don't know English well.. She cannot even write her name properly.. But on my last birthday, she called me and some how managed to say "Happy Birthday".. I just loved that moment.. not for the wishes.. but the way she tried to make me happy each n every moment.. love you mom.. :-)


  1. the realisation that u have never done anything to make her happy is one of the biggest realisations of life ... so let it be today ... do something to bring a smile on her face ..and trust me ,when u do that ,u will be smiling more than her .. have a great day

  2. I don't know you but still I feel happy and proud of you. I pray Allah to give you what all you wanted in life and hereafter.not all people have ability to speak the truth. They r ashamed to talk of their parents.